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5 Ways to Bet on Ice Hockey

March 16th, 2019
posted by admin 2:50 pm

If you like gambling and you enjoy watching ice hockey games, you are sure to love betting on ice hockey. Add a thrill to watching your favorite teams. You already know that in order to bet successfully, you need to know how the sport works. There are 2 teams with 6 players in each of them. The game lasts 3 periods, 20 minutes each.

The markets of ice hockey betting

You have an option to bet on the money line. It’s just like in other sports (baseball, NFL) when you try to guess the winning team. This is the simplest way of betting when you only chose team A or team B.

Another possibility is to place a stake on the handicap. In this case scenario, you bet your money on the number of goals in the winning margin. Go to to learn more and win money guessing the right number.

There is also an option of betting on total goals. It’s like in any other sports bet when you predict the total number of goals in a game.

Betting strategy

When you decide what to bet on, it’s high time you come up with a strategy. Keep in mind that you can analyze the outcome of each game you used strategy on and improve it. What’s more, it’s equally important to know all the latest news in the world of hockey. They greatly influence the result of a match or championship. You can subscribe to the newsletter or read the sports news to stay ahead in this and make your bets according to what you know.