Pochettino: Football is Everything

February 6th, 2018
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When Mauricio Pochettino is asked about football, his reply is that it forms the basis for every one of his conversations, each of the actions he undertakes, most of his life choices, and he most certainly recognises it as his overriding passion.


It is a sentiment that the large majority of punters who enjoy the Australian sports betting available for football will quickly understand, although the Tottenham boss is one of the best-rated managers in the world of football and not just an admiring spectator. In just the three and a half years he has been in charge, the Argentinian has managed to lead the Spurs to 5th, 3rd, and 2nd in the Premier League, all while also assisting in the emergence of younger players, including Eric Dier, Dele Alli, and Harry Kane.


Getting Balance is a Struggle


Pochettino said that he has always been competitive in nature, right from the start, with his brothers, friends, everything. He then stated that he doesn’t know if it’s ambition, exactly, but he has always fought for his dreams and followed no one but himself. He added that he still, to a large degree, went about his life in this way, and although he had more responsibilities now, his emotions still lead him to where he has to be. He said that he was lucky because his family also loves The Beautiful Game.


His Wife Weighs In


Pochettino revealed that his wife had a lot to say after games, sometimes giving advice, and sometimes criticism. He stated that he sometimes gets upset about it, but understands that listening to a different point of view is vital as well, and that this can help you become more creative. Pochettino went on to say that he struggles to find things that take football off his mind, and although he did try, with books, films and such, the game is always somewhere in his consciousness.


It’s More Painful to Lose Now


Pochettino has said that losing games is more difficult as a coach than as a player, explaining that one’s entire focus becomes helping the players, how to improve the team, and, when things go wrong, it is natural to blame yourself, although he does not feel the same pressure as his players do.


He stated that his responsibility was more in delivering a good job, and not failing his people, or himself, and that he had to focus on the fact that football is a game that needs to be enjoyed. He’s certainly not ready to retire early or step away from his position in any way and remains 100% committed.


He Remains a Parent


Pochettino spoke of how young he was when he became a father, only 22-years old. He spoke of just he and wife signing with Espanyol in 1994, and then there being three of them when his first son was born in Barcelona in January of 1995. He looks at this time as one of his best experiences, and remains firm that his children will never be his friends and that he gave them the best traditional childhood he could. He views the relationship as fundamentally being one of parent and child, and states that friendship is an inadequate description of the bond.


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